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Why You Need To Understand The Importance Of Social Media. 

If you are not where your customers are at, and you are not building relationships, someone else will.


Why Instagram?

Instagram is considered to be the best social media platform for brands, businesses, and entrepreneurs.  It has the most engagement which is how relationships and collaborations are established.  

Instagram has over 850 Million users worldwide and is also owned by Facebook.  

The typical process of a consumer is to first Google search what they want or what they want to solve.  Once they find the product, service, company, brand, or person to help them, they often look for "reviews."  Another option consumers take is to find out if that person, brand, or company has "Social Authority" in their niche.  

If you have Social Authority in your niche, it shows that you are an expert in a given field or topic.  Therefore, converting customers is much easier.

Social Authority is established through Social Media platforms and Instagram being the number one choice of consumers.

What Type Of Services Do We Have?

First, you need to understand how the Instagram Algorithm works. Also, the algorithm changes constantly. That is why, we only use "White Hat" services and never ask for your login information.

We highly recommend you download our FREE INSTAGRAM EBOOK so you understand the importance of a proper system without getting banned.

To download our FREE Instagram Ebook, just click here.

Now, if you are a seasoned Instagram user and you are not getting results, we have 2 packages available that will help you.

Engagement Service - In collaboration with our Global Influencer Network, we automatically place you in our Engagement Groups to boost and rank your posts so more of your audience will see your posts. In addition, with this service, you will also start ranking for your hashtags and hitting the explore page. If your content is ON POINT, then you will be shown to a wider audience. At this point, more people will choose to follow you, engage with your posts, and hopefully end up as a client or connection. True Organic Growth!!!

Growth and Engagement Service - This is a top notch service that most Celebrities and Influencers use on their Instagram. It is both engagement and growth. Engagement services is both Power Likes and Power Views coming from Authority sites. Your posts will get shown to a much wider audience and expect to be on the explore page. Our growth service are all real people following. We use a combination of Influential Shout Outs and Giveaways to attract people to your page.

How To Get Started?


Yes, I want to grow my Instagram. 


The only way to get noticed is to have Engagement on your posts. Take advantage of our Global Influencer Network to rank on your hashtags and hit the explore page.


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Let's Start

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Hawaii Entrepreneurs is not just Social Media Marketing, it's a community. I've seen 95% higher engagement on my new business since joining their community in such a short time! Mahalo to Coach Darren and the team!

Customer Testimonial

Erin Marx

Beatrice Bridal

All and all I've seen a huge growth since getting on with Hawaii Entrepreneurs.  I think I was like at 200 or 300 followers and I've doubled that and I am seeing sales directly related to IG.  So it's been really successful so far. 

Customer Testimonial

Scott Foster

Asana Hawaii

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